• Lepogo La Thaba and other venues used by Lepogo La Thaba is private owned land and the right of entrance is reserved.
  • All persons entering Lepogo La Thaba or any other premises utilised by Lepogo La Thaba, do so at own risk.
  • Making use of any facility or equipment and / or participating in any activity or event are at own riska and confirming that there are not any medical conditions that may preclude participation in any activities.
  • By entering the property it is acknowledge that all persons entering are aware of the Rules and Regulations and Indemnity associated with entering the premises.
  • All associated activities that are to be undertaken has inherent dangers, which could result in serious injury.
  • It is acknowledged that any person using Lepogo La Thaba equipment is solely responsible for the equipment used.
  • By participating in any activity it is acknowledged that there is an undertaking to comply with the instructions, rules and regulations of Lepogo La Thaba.
  • Lepogo La Thaba, venue owners, its directors, employees, representatives and agents cannot be held liable and are indemnified from any liability with respect to any injury or ailment that might develop during or after an event, or any form of personal damage or accident at any venue used.
  • It is acknowledge that Lepogo La Thaba and the venue owner will not be responsible for any theft or damage of any personal items of any nature whatsoever.
  • This indemnity shall in all respects be governed by the laws of the Republic of South Africa, and all disputes, actions and other matters arising in connection therewith shall be determined in accordance with such laws.
  • Each clause of this deed of indemnity is independent and severable from all other clauses.
  • The acknowledgements, agreements and undertakings in this indemnity shall be deemed to be made in favour of the directors, employees, representatives and agents of Lepogo La Thaba, capable of acceptance at any time.
  • Each element of the release from liability and/or indemnity in respect of each cause or activity covered by this release from liability and/or indemnity shall be separate and severable from the other elements.
  • Indemnity under this agreement shall commence on entering any premises utilized by Lepogo La Thaba and during participation in any Lepogo La Thaba activity.
  • I / We hereby acknowledge, agree to the following terms and conditions of operations and indemnity and undertake in favour of, Lepogo La Thaba, its directors, employees, representatives and agents that, I / We are fully aware that the Lepogo La Thaba associated activities are being undertaken at own risk and that the activities may involve hazardous terrain and activities and the Indemnity Grantor fully accepts all the risks associated therewith
  • I / We hereby releases Lepogo La Thaba, its directors, employees, representatives and agents from all liability and holds each and all of them harmless against all claims, damages, injuries, losses, deaths, expenses and liabilities arising out of or in any way connected with participating in the Lepogo La Thaba activities including without limitation, any personal injury or loss of life, any loss of support, maintenance or other claims or damages arising from or connected with any personal injury or loss of life to me /us and any loss or damage to clothing or any property belonging to the me / us or any other third party which may occur whilst we are participating in the Lepogo La Thaba activities, whether arising out of strict liability, statute or otherwise and whether caused by the negligence or gross negligence on the part of Lepogo La Thaba, its directors, employees, representatives and agents or any other person or otherwise.