Guest Guidelines

GUIDELINES FOR OUR GUESTS…Please note … you are in rough and rouged country. Respect the land your on and you should not have any unpleasant surprises…Please remember to take along medicines such as anti-histamine and lotion for insect stings and bites.

Inventory –

On arrival your Overnight Facility’s keys, where applicable, will be handed to you. Kindly check the inventory. Complete the attached shortages slip and return to reception or any of our managers by 09h00 the following morning. After departure one of our managers will check the inventory. In event of damages or shortages, an account for the recovery thereof will be forwarded to you.

Peace and quite…

Guests come to Lepogo La Thaba for the peace and tranquillity of nature. We therefore request everyone to be considerate towards one another and assist us in providing the very best that a tranquil, relaxing resort can provide…

Remember to bring a camera, binoculars, bird and wildlife reference books, Lepogo tree and bird list (on web-site), a hat, sunscreen lotion, hiking shoes and a water container.

Please respect each others privacy… the overnight facilities are well removed from each other so please do not interfere or walk over to the neighbours!

As for the overnight facilities are situated at the foot of the mountainside, sound travels quite far

Do not leave any food unattended, as thieving monkeys and baboons are a constant threat

    • No loud music or excessive noise allowed after 21h00,
    • No shouting for friends and family in the mountain unless in distress,
    • No four wheelers or scramblers
    • Dual-bikes accepted on the roads leading to the facilities, if it is your only means of transport… and I’m watching you!

Safety and Security…

    • A speed limit of 30 km/h is maintained on the property but you are welcome to drive slower…


    • No reckless driving or spinning of car wheels is allowed (If your vehicle spin… put it in 4×4 and our recovery costs are quite expensive!
    • Please refrain from driving roads that your vehicle is not fit for.
    • Please do not use or store highly flammable liquids in the overnight facilities.
    • Damages caused by guests or their children will be recovered accordingly.
    • Valuable items such as jewellery, cash, credit cards, cell-phones etc must be locked in the safe or kept under supervision throughout the day.
    • No firearms allowed – Please declare any handguns. If declared, you are welcome to keep it with you or to lock it in the safe. If you are caught with an undeclared gun/handgun you will be asked to leave the premises after a long discussion. A fee of R5000-00 is payable per shot discharged on the premises. (If you hit something the cost may rise!)
    • No pets allowed ….

Fauna and Flora:

    • No private vehicles allowed on game/eco drives after dark
    • Lights of vehicles must be turned on when driving after dark
    • No spotlights in private vehicles may be used
    • In order to preserve the fauna and flora of this protected area, no vehicles are permitted to drive in the bush or the veld other than on the demarcated roads.
    • Firewood may under no circumstances be collected from the veld. Firewood for barbeque is obtainable from reception.
    • Please do not litter – Fine of R150-00 is payable, whereof R100-00 to the person who report you with the evidence. A cigarette butt is litter! Please keep it in your pocket.
    • Small and big wild animals that need our protection roam about and amongst the facilities. Please do not feed them as for they may attack you and take all you have!
    • Special care must be taken with small children at the Overnight Facilities, especially under the age of 7, as for we do have Leopard, Baboon and other dangerous animals…. No you don’t need a gun!
    • Fishing? No, lets leave that to the birds and other fish eating creatures.
    • The beautiful fauna and flora are maintained with great difficulty. Please do not litter and spoil the effect. We do ask our guests to keep the buildings and grounds neat. Please take care that you, your children or friends do not litter. Animals have died as result of littering, especially when they try to eat plastic bags or tins cans.
    • No fireworks are permitted
    • Please handle your fires with care – Please put your fire out at night.
  • Swimming “Pools”
    • The swimming holes and streams are a main attraction where most of the fun activities take place.
    • We request that all guests respect each other’s privacy.
    • We do however request that all guests be in respectable bathing suits if there are children (under 18) present, or if friendly requested to do so.
    • The swimming areas are slippery, and we do request that no glass be taken near swimming places. Please make use of plastic or tin glasses and plates.

If you are caught or reported committing any criminal offence or Lepogo La Thaba rule or regulation you will be asked to leave without any remittance.

Please enquire at reception, should you be uncertain as to the interpretation of a rule.

We do hope you enjoy your stay!