General Information

Dear Guest,On behalf of the management team it is a pleasure to welcome you to Lepogo la Thaba – Leopard of the Mountain. We trust that you will enjoy a relaxing time with us.

A Duty manager is available round the clock to assist you in solving problems or complaints. Please contact the Reception or emergency number in this regard.

Business Hours

Open from 08:00 to 17:00.
Please ask for a receipt on any payments made as for monies cannot be refunded without valid proof of payment.

Reservations – Monday to Friday 08h00 to 16:30.


Trustee / General / Bookings – Johan Grobler (083 267 4775)
Trustee / Financial / Bookings – Anton Kleynhans (082 772 4462)

To ensure the effective cleaning and maintenance of overnight facilities the following general arrival and departure times are applicable. Depending on bookings these times can vary

Arrival Departure
Mondays to Saturdays 14h00  & 10h00
Sundays 17h00 & 14h00

Please let us know (via SMS) what time you will be arriving and we will do our very best to welcome you.
On arrival, kindly check your inventory and report any discrepancies to any manager by 09h00 the following morning.
On departure, kindly lock the overnight facility and hand the key in at any manager. Please do not close the safe!


Grobbies – 083 267 4775

Reception 083 267 4775
Police – THABAZIMBI 10111

Overnight Facilities

Lepogo Base Camp

10 stands – 6 persons per standYour own 4×4 Caravan or tents are welcome. Please obtain further information in this regard.

4×4 Camping Sites

Please provide your own 4×4 Caravan and / or tents.
Most of the 4×4 campsites only have essential facilities depending on the specific site. Some of the sites are only equipped with a tap, toilet and coldwater “veld shower”.

Extra mattresses, linen and crockery are not supplied.
Where applicable: –
Towels, linen, furniture and crockery may not be removed from the Overnight Facilities. Towels may not be used for swimming, washing/drying of floors, vehicles etc. Towels (set) can be exchanged after three days or as requested by guests at an additional charge of R50-00 per change. Additional change of linen may be requested at any stage, at an additional charge of R120-00.

                                         Wag ‘n Bietjie  – max 6 persons                                          Wildevy – Max 6 persons
Olienhout  – max 6 persons
Berg Karee  – max 6 persons
Haakdoring  – max 6 persons
Sering  – max 6 persons

Personal Housekeeping

Saturday – No Service
Sunday – No Service
(Special arrangements can be made)

Daily service of the overnight facilities, includes:

Sweeping and cleaning of the bathroom,
Cleaning of the braai.
(Other services can be arranged)

Table / Cupboard tops and other cutting surfaces:

Kindly use cutting boards when using sharp utensils in food preparation. Carelessness causes irreparable damage.

Please leave the Overnight Facilities as you would like to find them. Where applicable the Crockery, cutlery, pots and pans must be washed before departure.


Shop – There are no official shop available although we do have some items in stock including, toiletries, cold drinks, firewood and some odds and ends.
There are frequently (at least every second day) vehicles going into town so please let us know if we can get you something.

No official restaurant – We do have a “veld-restaurant” where we have a set breakfast and dinner available. Please note that it must be booked well in advance.

Telephones – There are no telephones and cell phone signal is very weak. There are a few places where there is a good signal like on the mountaintop and next to the road at the entrance right at the Game Camp’s gate.

Bar / Liquor Store – Thabazimbi / Marekele Restaurant café
Filling Station – Thabazimbi
Laundrette – Thabazimbi

Recreational Facilities.

Game drives – Bookings are essential – Vehicle departs strictly as per arranged time. Game drives are undertaken in the Marakele Game Reserve.
Eco Drives – Bookings are essential – Vehicle departs strictly as per arranged time.
Eco drives are done on the premises of Lepogo La Thaba.

Disc-golf, table tennis and other games: Tickets and or equipment available at the recreation centre. NB – Some of these facilities are still under construction

Swimming pools – They does not exist as yet. You are welcome to swim in any of the natural pools. Barbeque fires and gas braais are permitted at the designated areas. Please be careful and remember that we always have a danger of veld-fires!

Please be aware that flush floods do occur in the cliffs in the raining season!


Lepogo La Thaba accepts no liability for any damages sustained by you, or death, injury, loss or damage to your property resulting from use of any facilities.

We do hope you enjoy your stay!

To maintain and improve our service and quality of facilities we welcome any suggestions or constructive criticism, which you may note by way of the Comment Form or discussion with any of our managers.