Corporate Weekends




As with all companies there comes a time when you want to break away, relax, and give something special to your staff, or to your more regular, prefered or future clients, just to say thanks….

Archery at Lepogo La Thaba is giving you an excellent opportunity to do just this in the scenic Kransberg Mountain range near Thabazimbi on a weekend of your choice.

There are several different options to choose from ranging from 4×4 activities, archery, boeresport, survival weekends, bootcamps… to name just a few.

The theme is “Bushveld”, we are camping… and the game is on!

The Bushveld weekend was created to be an elite event, to be enjoyed by big and small, the fit and unfit, by everybody! It is an avenue for encouraging team building and co-operation amongst staff members, friends, groups of clients, suppliers or buyers.

The weekend consists of a short coaching session, where all the guests are taught the basics of the games. The fundamentals of the particular tournaments and “events” for the rest of the weekend will also be explained during this session and then it’s play, play, play….

We are divided into teams, depending on the number of participants. The activities are on the basis of team against team, and individual against individual. Fun being the most important criteria. Extra “coaching” will also be given during the events and the playing field is littered with “watering” holes.

As for the fact that we do cater for various types of events, the weekend may be customised to suit your needs.

Cost of event to the hosting organization include hire of man power, equipment (depending on the activity)and venue, excluding catering that will depend on the hosts requirements.

Various overnight facilties are available.
You are also welcome to make use of this Corporate Funtion Facility for a one day event!
We also do catering on request – Breakfast, dinner, supper and snacks!