About Lepogo

Lepogo La Thaba means Leopard of the Mountain. Lepogo La Thaba was officially established in 1995 although most the camping sites were in use, as early as the 1950′s.

Our famous venue is situated in the Kransberg mountain range, on the farm Hartebeestfontein, district Thabazimbi in the Limpopo Province.  This majestic tract of land, a piece of Africa, great in its vastness, variety and beauty is famous for its unspoiled mountains and flowing streams of the Waterberg.

The Kransberg offers unlimited challenges, with the highest peak 2085 meters above sea-level and rises 1000 meters above the surrounding flats. Vertical cliffs with heights of over 200 meters and thickly wooded ravines lie untouched and waiting for the adventurer!  Conservation is a way of life in this region.

Thabazimbi, “Mountain of iron”, is the nearest town and was established on the discovery of phenomenally lucrative iron ore reefs in the area. Many eco parks, game parks, nature trails, hikes and paths cover the town’s scenic bushveld surroundings and the area is one of the country’s most sought after break away destinations.